Valorism Master Classes by founder Richard Oren








Master Classes are held for individuals or small groups to enable leaders to gain rapid access to Valorist theory and philosophy in order to inspire  their initiatives and legitimize the power they seek to exercise on valid grounds.






The creator of Valorism and of A.R.T. Consulting will tailor teachings to each individual participant in philosophical workshops where goals are jointly determined and progress is made together. Upon achieving these goals, at the end of class each participant will retain continued access for future private consultation.


This accelerated method of acquiring Valorist ideas and concepts is designed to enable persons wielding power over nations, society and large organizations to bring rapid improvements to the contexts of which they are major actors. A broad variety of candidate profiiles will be considered for their influence and potential Valorist impact. The selection criteria for these workshops may appear elitist but they are quite the opposite. Their goal is to bring Valorist results to the population at large more quickly by engaging changes in leadership.


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 Value of vision is what distinguishes true leaders. Valorist Leadership builds vision with values and uses them to create a value mix which changes the world in positive ways. This is what people look for in a leader, a person who holds a vision and champions the values it carries. Such a leader inspires and motivates like none other.


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Power must be wielded for something loftier than oneself or a given group of people. It must be motivated and articulated around worthwhile pursuits and shared outcomes. For this reason Valorist Leadership can legitimize power.

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